Magic Marker Creations - The Hunters

The Hunters - Enhanced Photo Collage - 24x36
The Hunters - Artistically Enhanced Photo Collage - 24"x36"
$215 as framed, $115 Print Only (Matte Finish)
(Smaller Sizes Available)

I had this concept in my head for many months before I put it down on paper.   This is not only one of my most popular pieces, but is a unique collage in that most everyone that views it, typically finds the hidden "hunters" or one deer they hadn't seen initially!   The deer and tree photos that began this collage were taken at different times and the three "hunters" are stock photos that complete the piece.   The matting is actually a false mat, printed on the same sheet as the artwork (I use this technique on many of my pieces).
Take another look, you may have missed something!        - Mark

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