Magic Marker Creations - Roses Are Red

Roses Are Red - 16x20
Roses Are Red - Unique False Matting - 16"x20"
$95 as framed, $65 Print Only (Matte Finish)
(Other Sizes Available)

As you may have already noticed, I love taking photos of flowers.   I have been told that there are only so many pictures you can take of flowers, but as a photographer and nature lover, I believe that every shot is unique.   The roses in this photo are some which I grew myself, so they hold some extra meaning.        - Mark

The matting is actually a false mat, printed on the same sheet as the artwork (I use this technique on many of my pieces).   This particular mat is the photo itself blown up slightly larger, darkening it, adding a crackle texture and beveling the inside edges.

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