Magic Marker Creations - Reflections

Reflections - Black and White with False Mat - 24x36
Reflections - Black and White with False Mat - 24"x36"
$195 as framed, $95 Print Only (Matte Finish)
(Other Sizes Available)

This black & white photo was taken at Pettibone Park in La Crosse, WI, back in the late 1970s while I was in college.   This park was one of my favorite places for taking photos.   In addition I spent much of my time taking photos along the Mississippi River and the bridge that spanned it.
Nearly all my current black & white works are from this time period, since I was taking a photography class, not because I thought I really needed to learn how to take pictures, but rather to get access to the school's darkroom.   You had to take a class to get to it!
  I plan on doing much more black & white work in the future...       - Mark

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