Magic Marker Creations - Farm Pond Moon Rise

Farm Pond Moon Rise - 16x20
Farm Pond Moon Rise - Digital Photo in a Barn Wood Frame - 16"x20"
$175 as framed, $65 Print Only (Matte Finish)
(Other Sizes Available)

This was one of the most difficult photo shoots I ever have done.   It wasn't the content or lighting or anything with the actual shots, it was the fact that the first time is saw this scene was one year prior.   You see, the first time I saw this shot, I didn't have my camera...I know...I know, but I still got the photos.   How you ask?   Well I waited for the same seasonal period the next year, found the next full moon rise in the newspaper, drove there and waited an hour for the moon to come up.   Talk about a long exposure!   The original scene had many more colorful clouds, but I really liked the way the sunset behind me highlighted the upper portion of the barn.        - Mark

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