Fire Fight
This photo collage was created to commemorate
the valiant efforts of the local Fire Fighters
against the downtown fire on April 1st, 2005
in Marshfield, Wisconsin.

It is dedicated to the
Marshfield, Spencer, Hewitt, Richfield and Arpin
Fire and Rescue Departments
and all other persons and/or departments involved,
for their expertise, diligence and care
in containing the blaze and preventing further damage
to surrounding buildings, businesses
and their contents!

18" x 24" size copies (no mounting or framing) are being sold to the public as a fund raiser for $55 (plus WI Sales Tax)
With ALL profits being distributed to the 5 Fire Departments involved in the "Fire Fight".
To order your copy, E-mail us and include your name, address and phone number.
Or give us a call at 715-447-5533.
Thank You!