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Combine your photos, home videos, news clippings, scrapbooking items or other materials
that can be digitally reproduced, into a video production on CD and DVD.
Options include: music, narrations, sound effects, frame-to-frame transitions,
titles, scene selections and DVD menus. All of your memories come together in a lasting format,
that is convenient and easy to view.

Great for Weddings, Graduations, Memorial Services, Birthdays & Anniversaries.
Even use them for insurance documentation and your peace of mind, create personal
and business inventories from your photo, video and digitized records.
Check out our DVD Packaging Examples that gives your video project a professional quality look!

Digital Diaries Examples!
(NOTE: full screen preview will display in lower resolution)

Photo Slide Show (video clip - 2 min.) Graduations Videos (partial video - 3 min.)

Camcorder Video Tape Transfer (7 min.) Music Video Slide Shows (6 min.)

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